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IPP operates a complex for the shipment of liquid cargoes, which we believe is the fastest liquids shipment complex of its kind in Russia. IPP processes oil product exports and liquid fertiliser.

IPP currently handles diesel and urea ammonium nitrate, a liquid fertiliser, through its complex. The complex is currently operating at close to 100% of capacity, however, IPP is in the process of expanding the complex to increase capacity.

IPP is continually expanding its operational capacity by implementing investment projects, such as its new liquids shipment facility and the ongoing reconstruction of its existing facilities. IPP’s complex makes use of state-of-the-art techniques, such as a process to heat diesel using pre-heated diesel—rather than heating the diesel cargo with steam, which dilutes the diesel and lowers its quality—in order to decrease its viscosity for processing, which increases the flow rate of the diesel cargo and, accordingly, the efficiency of IPP’s diesel loading facilities. IPP also began providing bunkering services in 2007.

IPP’s complex lies just inland from the waterfront and includes a tank farm for temporary storage of liquid cargoes.