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Regulatory News Service 14.05.2010
PJSC Novorossiysk NCSP Operating Results for January-April 2010

The Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port Group (LSE: NCSP, RTS and MICEX: NMTP) hereby reports its consolidated operating results for January-April 2010. In the reporting period NCSP Group's cargo turnover amounted to 28 339.6 thousand tons, which exceeds the cargo turnover of January-April 2009 by 0.3% (88.4 thousand tons).

In the reporting period the total amount of cargoes that demonstrated a positive growth rate recorded an aggregate growth of 1 620.8 thousand tons versus same period last year. Growth in container cargo, raw sugar, dry mineral fertilizers, and timber contributed 50.1% of this increase.

On the other hand, the aggregate decrease of the cargoes that demonstrated negative dynamics totaled 1 532.4 thousand tons. Approximately 50.0% of this decrease is conditioned by the drop of iron ore exports due to growing domestic consumption.

Volumes of Liquid cargo in January-April 2010 totaled 18 990.5 thousand tons which is relatively flat compared to the volumes loaded in the same period last year. Liquid fertilizer (UAN) volumes continued to grow by 38.1 thousand tons (+33.9%) in the reporting period versus same period last year, and reached a total of 150.3 thousand tons.

Bulk cargo volumes in January-April 2010 reduced by 518.1 thousand tons (-10.4%) versus same period last year, which is conditioned by the decrease of iron ore exports (by 765.7 thousand tons). On the other hand, raw sugar volumes grew by 178.4 thousand tons (+57.5%) and dry mineral fertilizers increased by 149.6 thousand tons (+29.8%).

General cargo traffic in January-April 2010 increased by 231.4 thousand tons (+6.4%) versus same period of 2009. Timber cargo volumes increased by 189.8 thousand cubic meters (+44.1%), ferrous metals handling grew by 81.6 thousand tons (+2.8%), and perishable cargo is up by 54.2 thousand tons (+106.7%).

Container traffic in the reporting period increased by 56.4% of 44.2 thousand TEU over the same period last year.


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