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Dividend policy


The procedure for determining the amount of dividends paid to PJSC NCSP shareholders and their payment is governed by the Regulation on Dividend Policy approved by the Board of Directors in 2007, which is available on the Group’s website.


The dividend policy aims to meet the interests of all shareholders, while taking into account the need to increase the company’s liquidity, capitalization and investment appeal.


The decision on the amount of dividends to be paid is made at the General Shareholder Meeting. PJSC NCSP’s Board of Directors annually makes a recommendation on the amount of dividends that should be paid. When reviewing proposals for the distribution of net profit and deciding on the share of profit to be set aside for dividends, the Board of Directors considers a number of factors, including:

· The actual amount of PJSC NCSP net profit

· The need to support PJSC NCSP’s strategic development priorities, including implementation of investment programs

· The need to fund PJSC NCSP’s reserve fund

· PJSC NCSP’s profitability, including return on assets and return on equity

· PJSC NCSP’s solvency and financial strength indicators, including current liquidity ratios

· Availability of working capital and debt ratio


Dividend History


Year for which dividends
Total amount of declared dividends, '000 USD